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John is a successful entrepreneur with over 26 years’ of experience as a business owner and over 14 years as a successful business coach and mentor. He has been a director of several businesses – The North Beach International Hotel, Tramps Menswear, The Great Australian Leather Co and Corban Business Coaching. John has also started, developed and sold 2 successful businesses as ongoing enterprises. He is the founder and director of Landscapers Coach.

John’s value & skill as a business coach comes from having experienced & conquered the difficulties his clients are facing as business owners such as: the daily struggle of motivating employees, the arduous task of finding star employees, juggling a tight cash flow, competing on price, working 12hr days, working hard all year for little or no profit, and struggling to teach employees how to deliver consistent high quality service & work. Throughout his time as a business owner, John studied & learned from some of the worlds’ great entrepreneurs and today, has a proven and tested system for overcoming the many business problems encountered daily by business owners.

Since 2008, John has exclusively coached landscape contractors, and has worked closely with the Industry’s associations, suppliers & leaders. This close involvement with the industry, plus his experience as a business owner, makes John an obvious choice to help a landscape business identify & solve the issues that are stopping them from making the profit that they should be achieving.


Mauro has been involved in several roles & Industries on his way to becoming a valuable addition to the Landscapers Coach Team.

Mauro has studied & trained to be a mining engineer, and has managed several production units in one of the most complex & dangerous industries in the world. This involved dealing with multiple personalities, ensuring that the teams & processes were co-ordinated and organised to be productive, and ensuring that hazards were identified & controlled. He has developed an expertise in project management, planning & scheduling jobs, and managing the logistics of getting materials & equipment required to complete a jobs successfully, on time & without faults or incidents. He will help you develop the skills & insights into how to communicate expectations, delegate effectively and understand the essential concepts and ingredients to effective team management.

Mauro is also involved in running his own residential development company and here he has encountered & learned how to deal with the many issues and challenges faced by business owners every day.

Mauro was also a successful real estate agent for 10 years and here he has honed his skills in sales, marketing, client relationships & client management.

These ingredients combined with his strong people skills, all go towards making Mauro an excellent mentor & business coach.

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