Today, many business owners are becoming more and more aware of the need to manage and develop their employees at all levels of their business. Sometimes, power struggles can exist between the Business Owner and Managers, Team Leaders and Team Members inside the business. As much as these dynamics are frustrating and unsettling for us as business owners, the more we look for the core issue and communicate openly and clearly with the intent of resolving the issue, the quicker we can enjoy our working relationship

We cannot control external occurrences, like the economy or the weather, but we can control our response to what happens. We have experienced an extended boom in the Landscape Industry, so what we might be experiencing now is business as usual, (in other words the boom has subsided). I know tougher economic times are a great opportunity for every business owner to focus on their business and move ahead in a positive dynamic way. Here are some concepts and strategies you can use to ensure you

Yvon Chouinard was the founder of Patagonia, and he loved rock climbing. Being environmentally conscious, Yvon noticed the damage his climbing equipment was having on the rock faces. To try and prevent further damage, he began making his own equipment. This effort to look after the environment would become a driving force behind the business ethos. But, Yvon wasn’t saying he really cared about the environment just because it would impress people… He really meant it. And it shines through everything they do at Patagonia

Creating and communicating a Business Vision is a very uplifting, unifying, and inspiring experience for any company, regardless of where they are on their timeline. The companies that have achieved their first 5 or 10-year vision must keep the next 5 years fresh, which in turn, unifies and inspires their business, and their team. Obviously the same applies to the companies that are still in the process of achieving what they set out to do. The businesses that feel like it’s too hard now to achieve what

STEP 1: Analyse Your 2023 P&L At this time of year, I analyse my clients' P&L from last year and check the critical percentages of materials costs, site wages, superannuation, and subcontractors costs. In other words, I see if their gross profit is what it should be. Similarly, we will check the maintenance and design costs, as well as the running expenses of the company. If you do this and find material costs are 10% higher than the benchmark, you may need to increase the mark-up on

I receive many enquiries every month from landscaping, design, and horticulture business owners asking about my services. I’m often asked if I can help with issues they encounter in running their businesses, including: How to make better profits without having to work so hard. How to get a better understanding of financial info. How to create a better quoting system. How to create a better project management system. How to better manage employees and contractors. How to find and retain key employees. How to find

Jim Collins wrote a book in 1994 called ‘Built to Last’. In that book, he introduced the BHAG or “The Big Hairy Audacious Goals”. “The power of the BHAG, is that it gets you out of thinking too small. In the end, the purpose of a BHAG is to make your organization better.” Collins said. It’s extremely easy to slip into complacency and concern when enquiries start to slow, but that is precisely when you should set some larger goals, and then plan the steps to

Enquiries have been at a peak for the last few years, but with the media reporting interest rate and cost of living hikes, some prospects and clients may be reducing their original spend or even delaying a project. The market is still strong, and most homeowners would have gained increased equity in their properties during covid and want to transform their outdoor space. So what can you do to ensure the schedule stays full many months ahead? Step 1 Work on your Marketing Write down a

When working with a new client, in the first 2 sessions I will analyse their P&L and highlight their four main expenses (as a percentage of their sales) and compare these to what the targeted percentages should be. As you may know, I have created a financial model that allows any landscaper or horticulturist to know immediately what expense is too high in relation to sales for a landscaping or horticultural business. It could be that one or more of the following expenses are too high:

We as business owners are often busy being more hands on than we want to be, so when someone asks “are you happy with every aspect of your business?”, we might respond with “enquiries and sales are good, but systems could be better”. Now that it’s the beginning of the Calendar year, it’s a good time to be reviewing what you have been doing in the previous year or two, and look at it from a fresh, yet honest, perspective. Your Schedule Firstly, have a look at your

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