Are You Paying Your Employees Too Much?

Are You Paying Your Employees Too Much?

If you’re feeling the pain of watching your money go to employees who don’t return the value, you’ve got a frustrating problem. You are keeping up your end of the deal without holding your people accountable to theirs! You may be thinking that you are paying some of your employees too much, but that isn’t the problem. The problem is that you don’t have a system to ensure you’re fully utilising them. So the problem actually lies with you.

You want employees who step up and take responsibility, employees who work hard and smart to help achieve your business goals and their personal work goals. You want employees who care almost as much as you do. Now you may be thinking that just doesn’t happen. Well it does and I have witnessed this happening many times in different businesses including mine.

The lack of a managerial system will leave you constantly struggling with them and wondering why you can’t find “good people.” And you may have good people working for you right now but just need a way of inspiring and managing them. This common problem happens when employees are given work to do, but are not given the clarity and authority to step up and really own it. They are not clear about their responsibilities and are not trusted to perform tasks or manage projects.

If you read this and think but my employees cannot be trusted to produce the result that I want, my question to you is; how can you change the way you are training and managing your guys so you get a better result for them, you and your business?

Whether you have 2 or 32 employees, if you don’t have a managerial system that works you are creating your own pain.

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