Why Your Business Needs a Common Long-Term Goal, and How to Create One

Why Your Business Needs a Common Long-Term Goal, and How to Create One

Creating and communicating a Business Vision is a very uplifting, unifying, and inspiring experience for any company, regardless of where they are on their timeline. The companies that have achieved their first 5 or 10-year vision must keep the next 5 years fresh, which in turn, unifies and inspires their business, and their team.

Obviously the same applies to the companies that are still in the process of achieving what they set out to do.

The businesses that feel like it’s too hard now to achieve what they first set out to, and may have given up on their goals… Don’t give up! I say, let’s pull out the vision you had and revisit it, change it where you need to, and make sure it gets the flame burning again. It will be just the thing you and your team need.

What is a “Business Vision”?
Your Business Vision is a blueprint illustrating what your business will look and act like when it has been fully developed in 5 or 10 years’ time. Once it’s created on paper, it will help clarify how you want your business to operate, e.g. your type of clients, the type of team members you will have, and the systems and culture you have developed. Remember, it’s best to look ahead at least 5 years in the future and physically writing it down.

When your vision is typed out, communicate it with your team. Let them know that you want them to be an important part of your company’s future.

This process is unifying! It makes everyone feel that they are part of a greater purpose, working towards this common vision. This process is inspiring. It energises and motivates you and will do the same for your team. This process provides goals; a vision provides a sense of purpose, and urges you to create and achieve your short and medium-term goals while helping guide your decisions.

I am suggesting that you don’t do this half-heartedly. It deserves a structured, thoughtful approach. In other words; write your thoughts down, take a few weeks to think it through, and then when you feel that “this is how I want my business to be in 5 years confidence”, communicate it over a breakfast to your team.

Richard Branson once said, “Setting some milestones for you and your team to work towards will keep you motivated and driven. If you have a clear vision of where you would like your business to have expanded to after 10 years, plan how you can achieve this.”

A clear Business Vision will give you a roadmap for the future, keeping you and your team inspired with a purpose.


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