Don’t waste this opportunity to make a profit in your business!

Don’t waste this opportunity to make a profit in your business!

The landscape Industry has had a much needed resurgence and the end of 2013 and 2014 looks to be very promising, but don’t waste the opportunity in your business.

In landscape construction

Plan your projects properly with your site managers, supervise jobs regularly and eliminate job mistakes so you don’t blow potential profit. It is easy to blow profit, when your crews are rushing from job to job and you are trying to maximise earning potential while the sun is shining. This approach usually costs businesses more money because they have to send part of a crew to fix up a previous job while another part of a crew starts a new job without the full crew. Going back to a job costs the business in additional labour and sometimes materials if work has to be replaced. Proper planning, regular checks, better explanation of the design and scope of works, updating budgets and NO rushing will eliminate these blowouts.

In landscape maintenance

Capitalising on this busy period can backfire in a few ways. Taking on makeover jobs and failing to service your regular contract work. Your regular contracts and regular clients must be your first obligation. Rushing work and failing to fulfill the agreed scope of works at your usual higher standard is also a problem for maintenance businesses. I have recently heard about maintenance businesses losing good contracts due to poor quality.

Don’t let that happen to you!

Sure the opportunity for work has improved but be smart, plan your jobs properly, do quality checks, use project budgets and keep labour expenditure under control. Don’t get caught up in the stress of clients pressing you for their new job to be done before Christmas and you thinking ‘Oh another job means more money while the sun is shining’.

Be smart and the sun will shine for much longer!

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