How to get employees to take ownership of their position

How to get employees to take ownership of their position

Many Landscape business owners have expressed frustration regarding their employees’ lack of initiative to take full ownership of their roles and responsibilities and deliver a consistent effort.

They want a team of employees that put in 95% effort, arrive on site before 7am ready to start on time, be well presented with the right enthusiastic attitude and work hard and smart all day. They want employees that value their job and treat their job in a similar way that they do.

Now you may be thinking …. it is impossible to get employees to think the way I do. They have no vested interest in my business, so they will never treat my business like I do.

That could be the case but it doesn’t have to continue that way!

What if I could introduce a management system that will allow employees to take ownership of their job, Would you consider it?

The management system is simple and has been developed and tested by me and my clients. This system will allow your employees to be much more productive, feel better about their work resulting in greater efficiency and productivity.

Here is a summary of my system.

Step 1
Describe the big picture

It is essential that your team knows what vision you have for your business. Inspire them by telling them what your business will look like in 3 years time. If you impress them with a future plan and let them know there is room for them to grow with you, I bet many will want to be part of it.

Step 2
Establish Clear Agreements

An owner and each employee establishes clear agreements about what work is to be done and what is to be measured and elevated. These agreements are expressed in Position Agreements. If you are not clearly expressing the exact results, work accountabilities, and standards that your employees are expected to maintain, then how can you expect them to produce the results and attitude you want. Part of this agreement will be for you to provide them with the necessary guidance, training, resources and communication to make that possible.

Step 3
Regular Meetings

It is great to have a position agreement but if you are not meeting your guys regularly to discuss what is working and what is not, how will they know what to improve? Clear regular communication is a key component of any working relationship.

Step 4 
Let go and start trusting them

This is one of the hardest things to do in any business. But if you have written the agreement and are having regular meetings, making them accountable, giving them guidance and training then you have to start trusting them to do what you are paying them to do. Everyone will make mistakes, that is how they learn, but you want to minimise the costly mistakes by training them well. When you have a system in place it will be much easier to start trusting your employees and giving them space to shine.

Step 5
Be Consistent

Let’s say you announce regular meetings every Monday morning with your Site Manager but other emergencies prevent you from keeping those meetings, your Site Manager will start to lose trust in what you say. So I always suggest having meetings once a month to begin with and make sure you turn up and lead them. Your management system can only be effective if you are willing to hold yourself accountable to the plans and agreements you make.

Step 6
Build on Trust

Relationships built on trust are developed as owners and employees keep their commitments and successful results are achieved. Trust, respect, and accountability are ideals to live by, and without them your management system cannot work and neither can your business.

If you are not using a management system that is working, I urge you to try this one, it works!

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