How to Stay Hungry, and Why You Should

How to Stay Hungry, and Why You Should

Remember when you were keen to start your own business?

You may have been doing small jobs on weekends, which gave you the confidence to launch your business full-time. I bet it was an exciting time.

You probably had no idea where your next job was going to come from, but your enthusiasm for doing the best possible work for your current client was your focus. Your street sign attracted neighbours’ interest and sure enough you signed up your next few jobs. Each day you learned more about your trade and your business. You were hungry to learn, grow, work long hours, and do whatever it took to make your business a success.


Then after some time, your business had grown to a manageable level with a few months’ worth of work, and a small reliable team. You had taken time off the tools each week to take care of the quoting, selling, and admin responsibilities. You were still keen to grow your business, but the wolf was no longer tapping on your door, and your hunger wasn’t as high, so you became comfortable or complacent.

And it happens to all of us!

So what are the benefits to re-igniting your feeling of hunger?

A few times I have a met a service provider that was very keen to help me. They have had an engaging energy, listen to my needs, and then offered great solutions. They seemed like they would do anything to help me. When a person approaches their work with that engaging energy, it has a positive effect on anyone they meet.

Think of your employee who is so excited to do whatever you want each day. His energy is infectious and his work ethic and passion creates a positive influence on the whole crew.

As the business owner, it is up to us to set the example, by arriving at work with a strong desire and a hunger to make things happen. Our business should excite us!

Whether it’s meeting with clients, training an employee, viewing a project, or improving a quoting program. We need to be grateful each day that we have a business that we have developed, one which provides an incredible service for our clients, provides a place for our employees to enjoy and grow, and provides an income for ourselves and our family.

It doesn’t matter if 2022 has been a somewhat challenging year. Put it behind you and enjoy each day going forward.

In 2005, Steve Jobs gave the commencement address to the graduating class of Stanford University. He concluded his comments by quoting these words – “stay hungry, stay foolish.”

So remember, why you started your business in the first place, and with those thoughts clear in your mind, go to work with that same energy you had when you started.


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