Make Hay while the Sun Shines

Make Hay while the Sun Shines

With a construction boom in full swing in Sydney at the moment and just 10 weeks to go till Xmas you are probably fully booked with construction projects and/or maintenance clients. So how do you make the most of this period?

Put prospects under pressure to sign Most of you will have full schedules till Xmas but in case you don’t let your prospects know that if they don’t sign off on the project/makeover now, they will have buckleys getting it done before Xmas.

Sign clients for the New Year now Hopefully your schedule is full till Xmas and you have started booking clients for January and February. Make it your goal to have signed 3 – 6 projects or a full maintenance schedule for the New Year so you can totally relax over the Xmas break and hit the ground running in mid January.

I want to cram as many projects in as possible Many landscapers say I need to cram in as many construction projects/maintenance clients as possible during this period to make up for the winter period. That’s fine providing you don’t lower your standards, rush your jobs, lower your margins etc. Plan your jobs properly and don’t rush your quotes without checking your margins. Remember, you shouldn’t be underquoting at any time and especially prior to Xmas. And make sure your jobs come in close to budget so you make HAY.

Cheers to making a lot of money prior to Xmas and setting yourself up for 2016.

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