Win More Jobs When Clients Are Holding Back

Win More Jobs When Clients Are Holding Back

Enquiries have been at a peak for the last few years, but with the media reporting interest rate and cost of living hikes, some prospects and clients may be reducing their original spend or even delaying a project. The market is still strong, and most homeowners would have gained increased equity in their properties during covid and want to transform their outdoor space. So what can you do to ensure the schedule stays full many months ahead?

Step 1 Work on your Marketing

Write down a list of strategies that can boost your profile and help potential clients see your work. Some ideas are:

• Voiceover Reels – work on videos that highlight projects with voiceovers. A voice over will explain what is being filmed both in design, materials and plants.
• A Before/After Reel – would also show the massive transformation.
• Aesthetic Reels – videos with music showing the beauty of your completed project.
• Different Size Gardens – Reels showing different size projects that could suit your clients with different size gardens and budgets.
• Information Reels – highlighting gardens with new materials being used and new design trends are educational and informative.
• Professional Photographic Images – Panoramic, close ups, team member introductions, special Events.
• Update your website – with videos and professional images.

Step 2 Revise Your Whole Sales Process

By using qualifying questions:

• Refine your Qualifying process – spend more time over the phone asking the right questions to the prospect.
• Before the site meeting – organise your laptop with images and videos that will help captivate the prospect based on how they have described their potential job.

Step 3 The Initial Meeting:

• Remind yourself that this is not a sales meeting, it’s just a conversation. Engage the prospect, asking questions and really listening to what they say, responding with educational information that will help them understand the best ways to transform their space and with what materials and plants. By asking more questions you will build a better understanding of what they really want and don’t want, while building rapport.

• Use your information and show images of the materials you used in similar projects to inspire and captivate the prospect. Show them 3D renders, before and after images to help them see what is possible.

• Talk Budgets. Don’t be afraid to talk about the budget and if needed, suggest what the range to build their space could cost.

• Work with them to help them get the best possible outcome (aesthetically) for an investment that suits them. After the Design has been created, create a construction quote, then present both.

• Offer them 2 design plans and construction quotes (obviously the less expensive quote will have some additional features removed or less expensive materials selected). By doing this you are showing them, you will do all you can to meet their needs and budget.

Show how working with your team will be a transparent, flowing, easy going relationship providing the highest quality work.

If you can show them how your work never has to be redone and the entire team are respectful, polite and professional with the client’s contentment being the number 1 focus, you will win a greater number of quotes.

Plan your entire sales process so you can focus on each prospect and give them 100% of your attention and knowledge so they want you to do their project. Work on your Marketing so more of your ideal clients see your work.

Stay proactive and if you spend more time on these 2 areas, you will keep your schedule full.


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