Case Studies

Josh Harrison – Harrisons Landscapes

When Josh engaged the services of Landscapers Coach

Josh Harrison owner of Harrison’s Landscaping had been operating his business for 7 years prior to starting with John’s program in September 2010. He had made little profit in his business during the 2010 financial year and felt he needed guidance from an experienced business owner/coach to help grow his business.

Josh’s Frustrations

  • Managing and motivating his team of guys was difficult.
  • Cash flow was irregular
  • Not making a decent profit
  • Wanted to increase his Sales
  • Managing his business effectively was hard & time consuming while being on the tools.

Creating a compelling Vision made a big difference

One of the first exercises Josh was asked to do was create a compelling vision for his business by answering seven questions. He followed the example we gave him so the exercise would be simple to do. He presented it to his guys and it had a major impact on his business. One of his key young landscapers was thinking of leaving the business to get experience elsewhere. But after hearing Josh’s vision for his business decided to stay with Harrisons. Another key employee was also unsure of his future with Harrisons, but was so inspired by Josh’s plans, that he also decided to stay rather than start his own business. Josh was very happy with this outcome because he knew Harrisons would be a better business with these 2 employees.

Sales and Profit increased dramatically

We starting analysing Harrison’s profit and loss statement, finding which expenses could be shaved, what the materials and wages percentages should be. We also discussed where and how sales could be increased. From then on a financial report was analysed each mth to make sure Harrison’s remained on track for bigger profits. John helped him get his numbers right when quoting, then tracking the jobs so they came in close to budget. Sales doubled within 18mths.

More Jobs were won

Marketing was addressed by discovering Harrison’s target market, where it should be positioned in the market place and what strategies would ensure Harrison’s attract more of the right clients that would provide projects with better margins. We provided Josh with a few simple strategies that he followed each month and as a result the business income grew significantly and more jobs were won.

Managing his team with simple systems allowed Josh to get off the tools

John gave Josh systems for ensuring that each team member knew their jobs responsibilities, what each project entailed and a project management system for managing each job so a project was completed close to the finishing date and on budget.

Within 4 months of working with John, Josh took himself off the tools and managed the business from his office but still managed his projects.

“John Corban has helped Harrison’s Landscaping grow into one of Sydney’s leading landscaping companies. Over the time that John has helped to systemise and generally improve our business it has occurred to me that, just because we were good landscapers and had great customer service, didn’t mean that I had any training in business. Working with John has been my apprenticeship in business and I would highly recommend any business owner passionate about succeeding to do the same. Harrison’s would not be where it is today without John’s help.”

Lloyd Willis – The Great Outdoors Landscape & Construction

3 Months before starting with John:

When Lloyd Willis from ‘The Great Outdoors Landscape & Constructions’ joined Landscapers Coach, his business had a modest annual revenue, Lloyd worked on site with 1 x full-time labourer.

When Lloyd engaged the services of Landscapers Coach

  • Lloyd wanted to grow his profit and the value of his average job won.
  • He also wanted to grow his crew and needed help with all aspects of running and systemising his landscape business so that he could take his business to the next level.

Achievements to date:

  • Within the first quarter of starting with Landscapers Coach, net profit increased by $20,000.
  • After 2 months, John helped Lloyd to recruit a 3rd year Apprentice with plans to recruit a tradesman when the time was right.
  • Lloyd won 4 large Jobs with contract values from $50,000 – $85,000 within the first 3mths. John worked with Lloyd on his quoting, sales approach and the quote proposal.
  • The higher priced jobs were won using the Landscapers Coach quoting system. Lloyd was shown where could earn bigger profits on each job, and then Lloyd was shown Lloyd how to sell each proposal effectively to each client. Lloyd won every job over his competitors.
  • After 12mths of working with John, Lloyd increased sales by 110% and increased net profit by 85%.
  • Lloyd is still working with John in 2018 and now has a team of 5 and he continues to steadily increase sales and profits.
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