We are 5 weeks into the new calendar year and it's a good time to act on some important strategic decisions for your business if you haven’t already. It might be that you are seriously thinking about hiring or removing a skilled worker, removing or adding a service, increasing charge out rates, improving a system in your business or buying an expensive piece of equipment. Whatever the important decision is, it’s always better to follow a structure to ensure you are not going to potentially cost

We cannot control external occurrences, like the economy or the weather, but we can control our response to what happens. We have experienced an extended boom in the Landscape Industry, so what we might be experiencing now is business as usual, (in other words the boom has subsided). I know tougher economic times are a great opportunity for every business owner to focus on their business and move ahead in a positive dynamic way. Here are some concepts and strategies you can use to ensure you

Talking to landscapers around the country recently, they are reporting that enquiries from potential clients have started again. Which is great news! The Government has recently mentioned that Australia is on its way back from the Virus, which is also great news, and the COVID-19 Restrictions will be slowly eased during May and June. We have all been challenged by COVID-19 (personally and professionally), but it’s now time to plan for a more robust Winter/Spring. Here are some key strategies. Know your current financial situation and stable future

The end of the year is fast approaching, and if you reflect briefly over the past 12 months, you will find that many people have helped you and your business achieve goals, complete projects, execute transactions, perform thousands of tasks, learn lessons and helped your business maintain its strong reputation. December is the month we send out good wishes to clients, associates, suppliers and employees to enjoy Christmas and the holiday period. So with that in mind, how could you express gratitude to all the people

We all decide to run our own business for many reasons, but we also want to earn a worthwhile return on investment (wages and net profit), so to ensure that happens, we must understand our financials and regularly monitor and manage them. To understand the money side of your business, you don’t have to be a financial expert, you just need to work with a good bookkeeper to help you set up, analyse and monitor the necessary reports regularly. The pay-off will be more peace of

I am often asked, how do I do those important things, that will benefit my business, but I just keep putting them off? So what things am I talking about? Things like analysing your financials and seeing where you could be making more money, re-organising an area in your business or revamping your website. We all have some tasks or projects we keep putting off, so here are some ways you could make them happen. Step 1 - What is the task? Firstly, write don’t the task you are

The 80: 20 rule is a guiding principle in business that states that 80% of the results come from 20% of the causes. In other words 80%, of your sales comes from 20% of your clients or 80% of your complaints come from 20% of your customers and so on. 3 jobs produced nearly three quarters of his overall profit Years ago I was analysing a client’s business income over a year. They operated a landscape construction business and had completed many projects throughout the year. So

You have probably been back at work for several weeks and are fully entrenched in the daily activities of running a business. So with 10 months ahead, how can we set ourselves to have a great 2019? I think a good exercise is to look back over 2018 and ask yourself, what worked well and what needs improving? When I do this exercise, I create 2 columns on a piece of paper with the headings as you can see below: Worked well 8 jobs resulted in good profit In 10 jobs clients were happy

A KPI is known as a Key Performance Indicator. It is a measurement of the way your business is performing. A good KPI tells you whether your business is heading along the right path or not, toward your vision and goals. In this article, I will explain and give examples of KPI’s you can use for some of the key areas of your business to ensure your business develops the way you intended. Boost staff morale and productivity It is important that our staff enjoy their work, the environment

Often, when I ask a client that question, they say, ‘it’s the great service we offer or the quality of our work’. My response is, they are common answers and don’t differentiate your business. So how do we describe our point of difference so it becomes a powerful distinction and a unique selling point and sets us apart from our competition? Here are 7 tips to help you create your point or points of difference. 1. Define your target market and create an Avatar Define your best client and

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