A Profit Share System for key employees? Why didn’t I think of that?! Thankfully many of us have some great employees working with us at the moment, which is why employee retention and job satisfaction probably continue to remain high on our list of priorities. One employee retention strategy that I like is the Profit Share System (PSS). I developed a system for the landscape industry years ago, after using one for years in my previous business. When you get a PSS right, it contributes significantly to

As you know, our daily habits can work for, or against us in achieving productive days and achieving our goals. In this article, we will look at whether your daily habits are effective, or and if some need to change. Starting the day You probably start the day the same way and have been doing so for many years. Get up at the same time, conversations with your kids and wife (or not if it’s too early), breakfast at the same time, look at text messages and/or

Talking to landscapers around the country recently, they are reporting that enquiries from potential clients have started again. Which is great news! The Government has recently mentioned that Australia is on its way back from the Virus, which is also great news, and the COVID-19 Restrictions will be slowly eased during May and June. We have all been challenged by COVID-19 (personally and professionally), but it’s now time to plan for a more robust Winter/Spring. Here are some key strategies. Know your current financial situation and stable future

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