Our Program


When we start with a new client, we analyse our client’s business and the issues that are most frustrating, and we apply the appropriate processes, system and strategies to resolve the issues and help achieve their goals.


  • Business Vision – we help you create a clear and compelling 3 year vision and guide you to making it a reality
  • Right business culture for Success – develop the mindset that will bring success
  • 12mth Action Plan – we help you create a plan to achieve the important things in your business and life
  • Time Management – develop the skills to create more time for the important things in life
  • Your Business KPI’s – know the monthly indicators that keep you on track each month


  • Savings to your business – you learn how to save money (reduce wastage on site, negotiate better prices for materials…)
  • Analysing your Profit & Loss – we show you how to use your P&L as a tool to achieve a greater profit
  • Business Budget – this is the tool to keep you on track to your target profit and sales
  • Cash Flow Management – prevent the inconsistent cash flow by following our cash flow system
  • Profit Share – our profit share system rewards your employees on performance
  • Profit – we teach you the 6 fundamental ways to increase your profit


  • Quoting – learn how to quote a job to ensure greater profits per job
  • Costs – learn how to identify & quantify all your job and business costs accurately
  • Increase Gross Profit – our quoting system will maximise your gross profit in each job
  • Are you quoting the wrong jobs? Learn how to identify the jobs you should not quote

Project Management

  • Planning Projects – effective planning increases productivity & reduces mistakes
  • Scheduling – reduce the amount of down time between jobs
  • Set up a Site Diary – capture all the relevant data that you need
  • Tracking – our tracking system will ensure you make the intended profit in each job


  • Roles & Responsibilities – develop a team where each member knows exactly what they are doing
  • The Vision Meeting – a compelling vision inspires and creates synergy within your team
  • Recruitment – learn how to attract and recruit ‘right’ people
  • Developing your Team – retain your key employees make them feel like they belong in your team
  • Employee Evaluation – learn how to get your guys to identify their own strengths and weaknesses


  • Target Market – learn how to identify and attract your ideal clients
  • Social Media – use Social Media correctly to attract clients and new employees
  • Positioning your business – we show you how to standout from your competitors
  • Website – with the right elements in your website, you will attract the right clients
  • Marketing Plan – learn powerful marketing strategies to take your business to the next level
  • Logos/ Brochures/ Signage etc – we analyse your branding to ensure its effective


  • Qualifying questions – ask the right questions to identify right clients
  • Client Brief Sheet – learn what the client really wants and set yourself up to win the job
  • Quote Proposal – develop and present a compelling quote that sells itself
  • Sales Process – understand the selling techniques that will win you more jobs
  • Sell on value not price – with the right sales process you will never under-sell yourself again
  • Closing the Sale – know when to close a sale before you talk them out of giving you the job
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