Our Program

John Corban runs programs for landscapers, designers, pool builders and horticulturists. He provides examples, templates, monthly guidance and encourages you to work on important tasks to get results, but also understands you have a business to manage. Read on for an overview of the topics covered in the Landscapers Coach program. Each session will be tailored to your business and your unique priorities and goals.

Planning Session

The first session involves John asking questions about all areas of your business so he can create a plan to solve any issues, improve systems and management, grow profit and achieve goals.


Business Vision

With John’s guidance, you will create a 5year vision so you have a clear understanding of what your business will look like in the future. Then we plan how to get there.

12 Month Goals

We will create 12 month Goals together with a plan to achieve them.

Time Management

One of the key areas to refine and improve is time management. John will show you how to structure your day and week, so you complete the key tasks, and delegate or outsource where possible.

Company Values, Ethos (Character and Culture)

John will help you define your company values and culture as they will be the guiding principles of how you and your team interact with one another, your clients, suppliers and sub-contractors.

Vision Meeting

The Vision meeting is a fun and uplifting presentation to the team. John will guide your preparation for this meeting with detailed templates and guidance. The outcome is highly beneficial to team and directors.


Understanding your Profit and Loss Statement

Your Profit and Loss Statement will be analysed and explained. It’s the first important step in growing profit.

Balance Sheet Explained

It is necessary to know how your Balance Sheet works and why some expenses appear here and not in your P&L.

P&L Restructure

John suggests to you and/or your bookkeeper how your P&L should be structured so we can read it accurately and monitor profit increases every 3 months.

Financial Forecast

A detailed forecast will be created with you and used as a management tool. We will use it to keep your business on track to achieving monthly sales and profits.


Qualifying Questions

You will be provided with qualifying questions that will help you quickly identify which prospects you should be meeting and how to politely say no to the rest.

Sales Process

John will analyse your sales process (from start to finish) and show you the steps to ensure a greater percentage of better Jobs are won.

Design and Construction Proposal

Your Proposals will be analysed and if necessary improved by providing an example template that will impress clients.


Quoting Analysis

John analyses your quoting system and offers suggestions to improve your system.

John’s Quoting and Tracking System

If needed, John will provide his quoting and tracking system and explain how it works.

Calculation of Hourly Rates for Employees

Every team member’s hourly rate will be calculated using the LC formula, so the labour component is accurate when you quote.

Quote Conversion Sheet

All Quotes will be placed in a Quote Conversion sheet so you and John can look at all quotes each month and ensure you are quoting the right ones for your business. Also, a summary of completed jobs will be analysed to ensure profit is right. This process ensures future Quoting and Project Management is working properly, so Job profit increases.

Tracking your Projects

Tracking setup

Is explained and a system is provided if necessary.

Results and Changes to Increase Profits

John discusses tracked project results and changes to Quoting and PM are suggested if needed.

Project Management

Job Planning Process

The Job Planning process is explained. A Checklist and steps are provided, so the
Owner/PM and Team Leader are fully prepared when a job starts.

The Team Leader Checklist and Project Management Plan

The Team Leader is given a checklist and the steps to follow. It details a step by step process for the Team Leader so he knows: How to run the site, what to say in the toolbox talk, how to manage and guide the crew during the day, when to order materials, what does clean up involve, how to complete tracking sheets, enter team hrs and pictures of the site progress.

During the Project

You will guided through this process to ensure the structure suits your business. Site Meetings to compare actual hours v quoted hours and plan the week ahead, a quality control checklist, defects, handover, and job revision will be included in this process.

Profit Share

A profit-sharing system will be explained and discussed, so it works for you and your team, if and when you introduce it.


Position Agreements (PA)

A position agreement is a written agreement between a business owner and his/her individual team members detailing the employee’s role and the results they are accountable for. A PA for every position exists and can be utilised.

Employee Development

We will provide a development structure for each employee, so the owner is aware of the goals they want to achieve, and a structure is followed to help develop an employee’s skills and strengthen their attributes and behaviours.

Team Meetings

Regular team meetings are essential, especially with key staff. John explains how to structure team meetings, so the team feels inspired and motivated.

Business Culture

Building the right culture is key to retaining staff long term, but also ensuring that everyone is in harmony, so the business prospers. John will guide this process.

Training and Team Bonding Calendar

We create with you, a 6mth or 12mth Training and Bonding Calendar so the team learns from others and enjoys building a closer, supportive environment.

Recruitment System

This system involves – creating the right advertisement, the right questions to ask a new recruit, a remuneration package, a position agreement, a letter of employment, a code of conduct (your company rules) and how to manage the induction process once someone is employed all. John will also show you how to find and manage the right employees.


Identify your Target and Secondary Market

This process will define your best client and second-best client, your point of difference, why you do what you do, and what motivates your clients to buy your service. This information provides a deeper understanding of how we market your business more effectively to this group.

Create your Marketing Strategies

John will help you create the most effective marketing strategies to reach and impress your target market, secondary market, and future employees. John will show you what works best on social media, how your website could be upgraded (if needed), what alliances could benefit your business. These are just some of the strategies John will discuss, refine, and help you implement.

Succession Plan

If you are considering taking an extended holiday or becoming less involved, we can discuss and formulate your succession plan.

Construction and Maintenance Manual

John has created a Construction Manual and Maintenance Manual for his clients. The Construction Manual features the step-by-step process for building many components of a garden such as paving, concreting, decking etc. This is useful as a standard to give your team. The Maintenance Manual provides detailed information on how to maintain a garden in detail.

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