The Unbreakable Glass

The Unbreakable Glass

I was talking with a landscape contractor last week and he was saying that he is tired of experiencing some growth and success in his landscape business but he never allows himself to really take his business to the next level.

I said that is pretty common in business, many business owners experience that 2 steps forward and 1 step back pattern. He acknowledged that a subconscious self sabotage was probably at play because he secretly had a fear of success and what increased sales and a bigger business would mean. More work, more staff, more expenses, less time with family, more to lose etc. He mentioned that he felt that he had a metaphorical glass ceiling just above his head and was afraid to break through it.

We continued talking about it, as it was clearly frustrating him and I pointed out that, taking his business to the next level, didn’t have to mean much larger sales, more expenses, less time with family. It could mean more profit, a more efficient business with the staff you have, better clients, more quality jobs and better systems so your business is more efficient.

He said, he always felt he had to grow his business much larger to have much greater sales and more profit to attract better clients etc. I said no, you can have much more profit, better systems and clients with the business you have…now! And you will find that your business will probably naturally grow anyway over time, as you improve your systems, and you will welcome the growth because you have improved your business infrastructure.

So if you have a possible subconscious self sabotage going on (and many of us do), I suggest that you question how are you possibly sabotaging yourself (regular reoccurring patterns will reveal it), then when you are aware of it, look at a way you could have a better business without all the unnecessary mental pressures you place on yourself. In other words, redefine what a successful business is for you and how you could achieve it without all the big risks.

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